Mary Had A Little Lamb. Supershow 1969

From one supergroup to the next; with bassist Jack Bruce as the common link. This great blues rock performance from 1969 features, amongst others, the legendary Chicago bluesman, Buddy Guy on guitar, with Jack Bruce (Graham Bond Organistaion, Cream) on bass, Buddy Miles on Drums and Dick Heckstall-Smith (John Mayall’s bluesbreakers, Colosseum) on sax.

What a track! Sit back and enjoy this funky late sixties blues jam. Fantastic musicianship, and a superb vocal performance from Buddy Guy. The entire show (also featuring Eric Clapton, and others) is available now on DVD.

The entire show was filmed over two days in London, March 1969. It featured some of the very best of British and American blues, rock and jazz musicians, jamming for the cameras; this was, after all, a show for film rather than a live audience.

These hugely talented musicians didn’t always gel together aswell as perhaps a band that played together all the time, but there are moments of greatness throughout. This DVD is well worth checking out for ANY blues rock fan and is still available on Amazon.

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  1. That is a really interesting to watch – I really like that period in music, and I love the energy in this. I particularly like the lead guitar break from around 2:13 – just goes to show you what you can do with very few notes. Buddy Guy rocks!

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